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pvpSmash Minecraft Server Rules

NOTE: Use /report {player} {reason} in-game to report rule-breakers.

Having punishment(s) prior to breaking a rule will result in harsher punishments.
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1. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech.

2. No NSFW or obscene content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, etc.

3. No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) outside of the appropriate channel.

4. If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know.

🌇 We want this Server to be a welcoming space, enjoy! 🌇

Server Rules:

Do not insult players / staff.

2. Don't overuse or spam curse words - Curse words are allowed as long as they aren't directed at anyone or used in an excessive manner.

3. Don't use discriminatory language - Language that may be deemed offensive, such as: racism, sexism and homophobia are strictly forbidden.

4. Don't spam chat - Sending excessive messages or characters is not allowed.

5. Don't advertise other servers - Advertising other servers unrelated to pvpSmash Minecraft is a bannable offence.

6. English only in the global chat - Languages other than English can be used in private messages or chats, however main chat is English only.

 7. A staff member's decision is final - While provoking is allowed, if a player is distressed and asks you to stop and/or a staff member tells you to stop in any situation and you continue to persist, this will result in time bans.

8. Ban evading/discord - If you have been banned, logging in using an alt/talking on the Factions server through discord is not permitted.

9. No abusing glitches / duping items - If you find a glitch, please report it to a staff member privately. Using glitches to your own advantage is not allowed.

10. No hacked clients - The use of clients to give an unfair advantage over other players is not permitted. 

11. No x-ray mods or texture packs - Using modifications for x-raying is a bannable offence.

12. Do not use macros or auto-clickers - Using any modification to enhance your PvP skills such as auto-clickers and macros are giving massive unfair advantage and will result in a ban.

13. Do not attempt to block glitch - this carries the goal of abusing glitches or harming the server, both of which are punishable offences and in no way acceptable.

14. Do not use alternate accounts to store items - This is an unfair advantage towards other players as it makes your items un-raidable.

15. Do not use alternate accounts to store items - This is an unfair advantage towards other players as it makes your items un-raidable.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules will result in a temporary ban for 30 days.


Discord Chat Rules:


[1] Respect Others

Always be kind and courteous. A channel is just as much yours as the next user so, give the respect you want to receive.

Discrimination of any kind will result in an instant ban. We also ask that sensitive topics be avoided in chat and in DMs.

[2] No Spamming

Do not spam. This includes mic spam, emote spam, copypastas/chain mail, line breaking/flooding chat, gifs, and/or stickers, along with attempting to do @everyone & @here.

[3] Keep Your Name In QWERTY Format

Keep Your name in the QWERTY keyboard format. It's hard to ping or find somebody's name with a character that's not on the QWERTY keyboard.

[4] Advertising

Any form of advertising is not allowed anywhere here, including direct/private messages.

This includes Discord servers, programs, or different websites.

[5] Keep Everything SFW

Do not post any NSFW or talk about it. It's gross when you send that stuff!

Keep it family-friendly!

[6] Don't Be An Imposter

Impersonating users or bots with profile pictures or names is not allowed.

It will be hard to tell who is who.

[7] Religious Topics

Religious Topics are banned, not at all allowed. 

[8] Discord TOS

All Discord Terms of Service and guidelines apply to this server.

https://discord.com/terms | https://discord.com/guidelines

[9] Voice Changers / SoundBoards

Voice Changers and Sound Boards are NOT permitted.

Punishments: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent network-wide ban.