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Update [ pvpSmash-MC 1.19.1 ] - Update Logs ! [BIG UPDATES]
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27 Jun 2022
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09 Feb 2023
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๐Ÿค–[Minecraft 1.19.1]๐Ÿค– - Update Logs.
~ This Update Log
does not consist of all updates applied,
as too many have been made already for me to remember! ๐ŸŽ‡

Dear Members:

It is our pleasure to announce that the first pvpSmash 1.19.1 updates are in work.
This is a major server update for important changes to the handling of events.

Regarding the global player reporting issues at hand:
1. Chat Preview Disabled Unmodified messages with unmodified formatting and
player display names are reportable. Modified messages are not reportable.
2. Chat Preview Enabled Unmodified messages with unmodified formatting and
player display names are reportable.

*ย Serverย -ย Upgrading to 1.19.1 Snapshots!
*ย Forum Leaderboard's Upgraded:ย pvpsmash.com/leaderboards/
* Forum User Profiles Updated: pvpsmash.com/members
* Mobs [VIP] 5.1.1 Integrations.
* CUSTOM Model Engine's Integrated.
* Mob-Dungeons Integration's.
* Custom Entity Data Model's configured with 28 additions.
* +145 additional models made and more to be added.
* Player, Mob, Tags Updated.
* Player Gadget's -ย Currently in update process.
* MMO Updated and Improved Modification's.
* Disguises [VIP] 1.19.1 Integrations.
* Graves and Corpus Updated.
* Player ATM, and Banks Added.
* Token Economy Updated.
* Player, Mobs, grant Tokens to players on death or kill.
* Parkour Updated.
* Economy Modifications and Tweaks.
* GUI Updates for Players, NPC, and Mobs/Animals.
* Bow Mechanics Modified. - Gravity removed, Better PVP Dynamics, etc.
* Bow auto-aim Modified - Better PVP Dynamics, etc.
* 1.19.1 Particles Added.
* Bedrock Updated to 1.19.1.
* Java Updated to 1.19.1-Snapshot-0.1.
* Removed Microsoft Chat Signatures.
* Removed Microsoft Chat Snoopers.
* Removed Microsoft Global Report System.
โ— PS: The Official Server Launch-Down Timer has been Announced!
โ†—๏ธ Forum Home Page:๐Ÿน www.pvpSmash.com

- (26~ Day Countdown), Going to be BIG...haha!
๐Ÿค‘ We won a competition! - (announcement soon)
(Updates to follow...)
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